Questions and Answers
Questions and answers to various questions about Islam, Christianity, internet websites on Christianity and Islam, etc.

Questions and Answers

  • What      is the purpose of this website? What is it’s goals? What do you want your      readers to do?

The purpose of this website is to answer Christian claims. Christians claim all sorts of things like Jesus really rose from the dead, the New Testament is 100% true along with the Bible, etc. But are all Christian claims true? Is Christianity true? I don’t think so. I believe that Christianity can be proven false--- and that is the purpose of this site. I use sound scholarship, historical evidence and even Biblical evidence to refute the main points of Christianity. I believe Islam is the only religion that can be proven because it actually has evidence for itself. I also represent Islam the second biggest religion in the world as rational, peaceful and tolerant. So this site is to preach the message of Islam to both Christians and Atheists. I also plan to refute misconceptions about Islam, polemics against Prophet Muhammad, and refute atheism using the evidence for Islam.

  • Who      are you? What do you do? What are your goals?

I am Ehteshaam Gulam. I also am obviously a Muslim and a Muslim Apologist and Islamic Preacher (Dawaee in Arabic). A Muslim Apolgist is someone who defends Islam from criticisms. Just like Christians have their apologetists and Atheists have theirs, Islam also has a good amount of Muslim apologists. Right now I am a college student at Eastern Michigan University (I hate that school and 99% of the people in it, but it’s the only one I can afford right now) and I am planning to do High School education (probably History). Then hopefully work on my PhD from there and teach comparative religion at a University level. I also might do a double major in Education and Business (accounting) although I am not sure about that. Right now as of 2008, the economy is horrible, so I hope that everyone is doing what they can to secure some stability in the job market. You can read more about me, my brief bio and interests here.

  • Are      you willing to debate other Christians and atheists?

Yes, I am willing to do formal debates. I have strict requirements that must be met. See my debate requirements page.

  • What about other Anti-Islamic sites? What do you      do about them?

I just leave them alone. I used to care about them, but I no longer care. I moved on. Almost all Anti-Islamic claims by both Christians and atheists have already been answered by other Muslim apologists (*)(*)(*)(*)  I have no interest in refuting every single anti-Islamic site out there on the internet (there are 100’s maybe thousands of anti-Islamic sites out there on the internet, just like there are thousands of books out there that are heavily Anti-Islamic.) In the past I tired doing that, but its exausting. I just don’t have the time or energy to put up with or respond to every single criticism against Islam on the internet. Think about it, I have go online to a lot of anti-Islamic sites, refute their unscholarly polemic material also while going to school as a full-time student, and trying to look for a job (that’s right I am a college student without a job--- I know I am pretty much screwed). Not to mention spending time with my family, friends, doing prayers, etc. I just don’t have the time for it and I am no longer interested in doing that. I am interested in historical scholarship and not in polemic Anti Islamic material. And I don’t think Muslims either should waste their time trying to refute all Anti-Islamic material on the web. That’s like Christian apologists going online and refuting every single Anti-Christian claim (there are also many websites making fun or Christianity and attacking it, sometimes even more brutally than the Anti-Islamic websites). Nobody really has the time or energy to do that (except the authors of for some reason).  Christians and Christian apologists don’t do that, they know it’s a waste of time and neither should Muslims or Muslim apologists. So my advice for readers of this site is simply leave these Anti-Islamic sites alone. There’s always going to be critics and criticisms of Islam by anonymous losers or Christian preachers on the internet—the smart thing to do is just leave them alone. Ignore the hate, don’t respond to it. That’s pretty much the goal of these Anti-Religious sites—they want you to respond to their material so they feel better about their work. Folks, don’t buy it. Just ignore them. (see my links page for more Muslim apologetic sites) This site is completely different from other Muslim apologists sites (I don't respond to thousands of Anti-Islamic polemic material on the internet) and this site is its own thing (made for Muslims who want to learn more about Christianity and Christians who want to learn about Islam and atheists who want to learn about both and why they should follow Islam).

  • How is this site any different from other      Islamic sites and Islamic Apologetic sites? Why should we go here instead      of say

This site is completely different from other sites because this site's main purpose is to educate others about the world's biggest religions, Christianity and Islam. Because here I use the best scholarship possible to respond to various claims about Christianity and Islam. This site is a “academic” site in favor of Islam. Same with Islam Here your getting the best scholarship avalible. This site is Specializing in the history of the origins of Christianity and the Bible, both the Old and New Testament. This site also attempts to refute arguments for atheism and arguments that God doesn’t exist. Now the problem with other Muslim websites and Muslim apologetic sites like, etc is that it’s not always the best scholarship. It’s mainly polemic material against Christanity like Anti-Islamic sites on the internet. And to make matters worse those sites don’t always know how to explain Islam, what Muslims believe, what Muslims follow. The sites can’t even explain the evidence for Islam or why Islam get’s Jesus right while Christainity doesn’t. So that’s why it’s not always wise to learn religion from the internet. At least here I’ll be honest and use the best information. I am even willing to answer questions from Christians and Atheists as long as its scholarly and respectful.

***Another good site to visit is—which is runned by my friend Nadir Ahmed. Unforunately Nadir Ahmed decided not to do more for his site and has moved on to other things. I enjoyed his debates—but because of this economic crisis we are facing right now—he decided to focus on his career—something I am doing as well. Only in my spare time will I work on this site to do Dawah (Islamic preaching) to others.

  • What/Who inspired you to make this site?

It might come to a shock to many readers of this site, but a well known atheist, Richard Carrier, actually inspired me to create this site. I enjoyed reading his online articles on Christianity so much, I thought that maybe I could do the same research and use the same method to refute Christianity and Christian claims. That way Christians could give Islam a chance or convert to Islam—Which I feel is the truth. To a lesser extent my friend Nadir Ahmed also inspired me as well as the site bismikallahuam and—two of my favorite sites on Islamic apologetics. So I want to give readers the best scholarship when it comes to refuting Christian claims and on Islam and Islamic apologetics as well as give the best evidence for Islam.

     7.Why is the site taking so long to be finished?

Keep in mind that I am a college student who attends a college I don't want to attend. I want to attend U of M Dearborn--almost all my close friends attend that school-- but Can't due to money issues. Plus I am afraid of losing credits. I am stuck at Eastern Michigan University (if you live in Michgian don't go to this school. Stay far from it). I am also looking for a job, while being a full time student. Only in my spare time do I work on this site. Also keep in mind, like I said earlier, I want to spend time with family, friends, etc. So this site may take a while to get complete, but I promise the readers of this site your guarnteed the best in Islamic apologetics, Refutation of Christian claims and scholarship. Also donations are always welcome. If your a fan and would like to help this site, See my donation page.

       8. What's with the title of this site?

I know, I don't like it either. I just randomly named this site without much thinking. I am trying to change it, if you have a better name let me know.

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