Marsha Marks is the author of several books in several different genre's.  If you'd like to Google her will see a lot of her work, in books, video's or performing humor or speaking...or look below for a quick summary of her books.
*2001 - First book, 101 Amazing Things About God - published with a small publisher.  Book was rumored to have sold 100,000 copies in the first six months, but Marsha never saw the royalties because the company 'lost' the print records.  (Yes, this is exactly what Marsha and her agent were told.  The records were 'lost'.) But, hey, there is life beyond the grave...Marsha's first books sales had created what is known as "Industry Buzz" and she quickly came to the attention of Random House, who had just acquired WaterBrook Press.
*2002 - Marsha signed a 3 book deal with WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House.  Her next three books, were published in May 20o3, May 2004 and May 2005 .  Her last two books with Random House are still selling well, years after their publication date.
*2005 - 2010 - Marsha was exhausted from writing and promoting four books in five years.  (while trying to be a mom to a young daughter and working outside her home on various fun jobs).  So, she decided to take a break from writing Inspirational Narrative Non Fiction for Adults, on a deadline and began to explore making movies, and writing gift books and a young adult novel.  Her first young adult novel, Mary McCowski was not a Pretty Girl, (based on a Gift book she wrote of the same title) was well received by a famous agent, and one of the three largest Publishers in the world.  The talk was to expect a 6 figure advance.  But then the edits came back before the contract was signed, and Marsha saw that the editor wanted to take out the one reference to faith, in the entire novel - (a reference Marsha felt was critical to future books in the series)  Marsha chose to withdraw the book and not sign with this publisher.   (Marsha still questions the wisdom of that decision.)
* 2008 - 2010  Marsha retires from 25 years as a Flight Attendant with a major Airline, and continues to enjoy raising her daughter without the pressure of needing to do a book/media tour every year for 5 years.  And she invests heavily in Vacation Rental Real Estate and then manages the rentals herself.
2010 - Marsha begins writing again, and is currently working on three books.  1. A humorous Chick lit (novel) about a Character much like herself, who has a genuine, yet quirky faith, and who is just trying to stay out of jail, while on tour promoting her Christian Books.     2.  A book of writing encouragement, with short pithy entries entitled,  CLIFF NOTES FOR WRITERS and 3  And a narrative nonfiction tell all, about what it's really like to get published - entitled:  SHOCKING THINGS ABOUT GETTING PUBLISHED: including how a part time waitress, college drop out, ended up signing a huge 3 book deal with the largest publisher in the world.
* She is tall.  And looks like a model.  (OK, some people say she looks like a model.  OK, her mom told her, on at least one occasion, she looked like a model).  She is also media trained.  And quite funny in real life.
* In 2005/2006 - she was the host mother for a foreign exchange student named Julia Kampfl.   Julia's website about that year, is here:  (fantastischen)  
* She has been happily married to the man of her dreams for over 20 years, who is a brilliant Scientist and prefers not to have the spotlight on him, ever.  (Which when you think about it - is perfect - there can only be one spotlight hog per couple.)

*She maintains a blog about her faith.