Dr. James E. Walton, PhD
Family Divorce Specialist
Doctorate of Clinical Psychology  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
 lic. MFC32040
About Dr. Jim
Member: Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association, CPCal & IACP
Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Divorce
You can divorce with the peace of mind knowing that you can preserve your family and bank account
Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D., is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Family Divorce Specialist and Collaborative Divorce Coach. Dr. Walton has been working with families in the Los Angeles area for the past 26 years. He assists divorcing couples in managing the upsetting emotions that result during the trauma of divorce. He guides divorcing couples into having productive and beneficial conversations that lead to agreements.  

During a divorce, the emotional forces that caused the breakdown of the relationship are still present, active, and frequently worsen. These unregulated emotions can create blocks to agreements costing the couple more money, time, and heartache than they had planned. When this occurs, the children are not spared injury from the anger and retaliation. Dr. Walton has experience in breaking impasses and moving the process towards agreement.  

Dr. Walton can assist in preventing damaging counter productive behavior and calm down the emotions so that the couple can think clearly, respectfully, and reasonably. He can assist you in communicating with your former spouse, attorney, and team accurately so that your thoughts, actions, and decisions are effective. This will allow the process of negotiating your divorce to successfully move forward. His goal is to get you across the finish line and achieve a divorce with the peace of mind knowing that you can preserve your family and your bank account. He is with you each step of the way.

Dr. Walton can work with you and your family to create a parenting plan that eases the stress for the entire family while assisting you in acquiring the necessary skills to co-parent effectively. If you have children, you will know each other for the rest of your lives. How you divorce will set the course for how you work as co-parents with your children into the future. He helps to ensure that you move in the right direction.

Dr. Walton’s work in Divorce Mediation began in 1997 assisting families in resolving conflicts around issues of division of property, child and spousal support and parenting agreements while assisting them in obtaining a legal divorce in place of litigation.

He is active on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association (LACFLA) and serves as the Administrator for Continuing Education Units for professionals licensed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences.  He is the co-chair of the Advanced Training Program for LACFLA. He has led professional mental health trainings for LACFLA and at taught coursework at the Collaborative Practice California (CPcal) annual collaborative law conference and is a statewide speaker for CPcal on the topics of Bias and Diversity.  

He is a frequent guest lecturer for collaborative law classes at UCLA, Loyola law School and Southwestern Law School, and is a volunteer co-mediator and divorce coach at Loyola Law School.  

Dr. Walton has been a consultant for Fox Entertainment. His work and insights have been featured in: Mark Waldman’s book, “Words Can Change Your Brain,” Cosmopolitan Magazine, Discovery Health’s Berman and Berman Show, MSNBC’s Oscar Night of the Stars, XM’s The Alvin Jones Show, KPFK’s the Lisa Gar Show, The Greg Mantel Show, Bergen Health & Life Magazine, and Thatz Entertainment. Dr. Walton was also the on-air video host of WebiHealth’s mental health series.  

He is the former on-air host of KCSN 88.5 FM’s award winning show Shrink Rap and producer of the award winning Dr. Walton Series. In 2009, he won “Best Self-Help Album of the Year” at the JPF International Independent Music Awards in Nashville, TN.

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology - Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria,            CA. 1999. 
M.A., Marriage, Family and Child Therapy - California Family Study              Center, Los Angeles, CA. 1991.
M.B.A., International Management – Thunderbird School of Global            Management, Glendale, AZ. 1984.
B.A., Economics - Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA. 1982.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - License Number MFC 32040

Certified Divorce Mediator, Mosten Mediation, Los Angeles, 2011
Certified Life Coach, Live and Learn, Los Angeles, 2000
Certified Internet Therapist, Live and Learn, Los Angeles, 2000
Certified Divorce Mediation, PACE Phillips Graduate Institute, Los         Angeles, 1997
Certified Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Van Nuys,         1989.

2010 Healing from Grief & Finding Peace in Your Life, Los Angeles, CA,         The Dr. Walton Series.
2009 (May issue), Wedding Day Freak-Outs, Cosmopolitan Magazine,         NY, NY
2009 After Breaking Up: Healing the Heart & Finding Happiness, Los         Angeles, CA, The Dr. Walton Series.
2008 Your Beauty Personality, Bergen Health & Life Magazine, Bergen,         NY.
2008 Ultimate Weight Loss, Los Angeles, CA, The Dr. Walton Series.
2005-2006 That’s LA Therapy, Thatz Entertainment. Los Angeles, CA.         Monthly Column.
2004 Stopping Smoking, Los Angeles, CA, The Dr. Walton Series.
2004 A Journey Within, Los Angeles, CA, A Journey Within Music.
2003 Stress Relief and Deep Sleep, CA, The Dr. Walton Series.
2003 Surviving the Wedding, Los Angeles, CA, The Dr. Walton Series.
2002 Anger Management, Los Angeles, CA, The Dr. Walton Series.
2001 Tension Relief, Los Angeles, CA, The Dr. Walton Series.
1999 Near-death Experiences: A Rite of Passage into Personal         Transformation. Doctoral Dissertation. Carpinteria, CA: Pacifica         Graduate Institute.
1997 The Silence. A Moment to Reflect, Owings Mills, MD: National         Library of Poetry.

2009 JPF Independent Music Awards Winner, Dr. Walton’s Ultimate          Weight Loss, “Best Self-Help Album of the Year.”
2009 JPF Independent Music Awards awarded Dr. Walton’s                    Forgiveness First Runner-up for “Best Self-Help Album of the         Year.”
2006 JPF International Music Awards awarded Dr. Walton’s Stopping          Smoking First Runner-up for “Best Self-Help Album of the Year.”
2006 LA Magazine picked KCSN 88.5 FM’s line-up that included Shrink         Rap for “Best of LA” award.

Member, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
Member, Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association (Board                 Member)
Member, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
Member, Collaborative Professionals California
Member, Family Divorce Services of San Fernando Valley (President)
Member, Pasadena Collaborative Divorce
Member, CPCal Statewide Diversity Committee
Member, Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) Affiliated Composer/Writer

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About Dr. Jim
The Dr. Walton Series

These are five of Dr. Walton's albums in his series that are most beneficial for people going through a divorce.  Dr. Walton has created an amazingly effective series of audio programs based on over 20 years of experience that is unlike any other on the market today.  His years of experience on the radio as host of Shrink Rap and frequent guest appearances on television have gone into making this audio series as entertaining as it is informative.

Dr. Jim specializes in helping people unlock their full potential to live happier, more satisfying and in control lives by combining cutting-edge psychotherapy techniques with the effectiveness of his award winning clinical hypnosis. 
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He will guide you through releasing the blocks and limiting beliefs that have kept you bound to self-defeating patterns and motivate you to achieve the personal changes you've always wanted.

Here's what he has to say about this series: 

"Over 20 years of clinical experience has gone into the making of The Dr. Walton Self-Help Series.  Going back over two decades, I have pulled from my private practice those therapeutic interventions and hypnosis treatments that worked most effectively for my patients.  I now present them to you in the most comprehensive audio series on the market today. 

Experience has shown me that when people are given understanding about an issue from a psychological perspective and then given the tools and strategies to change their behaviors in combination with the immediate effectiveness of hypnosis it has a synergistic effect that can assist in achieving their results more quickly." 

How the albums work:

Dr. Jim's powerful hypnosis treatment creates a highly receptive alpha state that works together with the unconscious mind to help you experience a greater sense of your personal power and self-control.

If you program your unconscious mind to have a focused, supportive, positive outlook, you can reach any goal you aspire to.  Dr. Walton's award winning self-help series can help you achieve that focus and get faster results.

Dr. Jim was awarded "Best Album of the Year" in self-help from the prestigious JPF International Music Awards.  All of the quality and expertise that earned him that award is found in every one of his self-help albums.  Download one right now and gain the benefit today!

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Feel at peace everywhere. Move beyond the limits of your world and let go of stress. Enjoy more energy, feel more alert, and regain control of your body & your life with this proven and unique relaxation process. Featured on Lisa Gar's "Aware Show."
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Stress Relief and Deep Sleep
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Tension Relief
After Breaking UP: Healing the Heart & Finding Happiness
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Resolve the hurt so you can move forward again and find happiness in your life. Healing the heart, mind and spirit as you awaken a new inner-strength for living and enjoying life after a break up.
Anger Management
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
14 day risk-free trial on all albums
Grief is a necessary part of recovery from a loss. Grief can force us to reevaluate our life; but, sometimes we get lost and can’t find our way out. Gently and lovingly, this album lifts the spirit as it points the way towards a new beginning. 
Healing from Grief & Finding Peace in Your Life
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Dear Dr. Walton,

"I have found that all of the clients I have had listen to your CD have had a 50% - 70% immediate reduction in their anxiety symptoms. I have personally used your CD's for over 5 years and have found them so helpful I have bought more.  Clearly, I believe in the power of this technique.

I have listened to several 'free' self-hypnosis CD's opnline and had the clietnts I work with try to find free ones they liked, but it always turns out the same, they don't like the voice or the images as much, or it just doesn't seem to work as well."

Jill Hubble, MS/M.Ed
Headway Emotional Health Services Therapist
South St. Paul High School

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