In the spring, the sound of wedding bells 
fill the air. It’s a time of love, of hope 
and of high expectations. The famous
German playwright, Johan Wolfgang 
von Goethe, said it best when he said,
 “Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real 
thing; a confusion of the real with the 
ideal never goes unpunished.”  

The concept for marriage out of love is a relatively new experience that began in Europe around 1100 ad.  Up until that point, all marriages everywhere were arranged marriages based on political and financial alliances.  A practice that continues to remain true for the majority of marriages around the world today.

Their unrealistic expectations swept them off their feet from their passionate beginning and carried them off to their tragic end.  What was true in the time of Shakespeare continues to hold true today; if we allow our expectations of love to run our romance, we will never see the other person, or the marriage itself, in a realistic light.  Our unrealistic expectations invite the poison pill of Shakespeare’s tragedy into our own world.  Our unrealistic expectations will kill our relationship.  

Statistically, arranged marriages experience lower rates of divorce than love based marriages.  The reason is that the participants of arranged marriages have lower expectations of their partners.  Individuals enter into arranged marriages with lower expectations and therefore experience less disappointment.  

They realize that if this arranged marriage is going to work, then they have to accept responsibility for their part in creating harmony and caring with this stranger in their bed.  Right from the start, they have to work on it.  They do not have the luxury of depending on love to carry them through.  If their marriage is going to survive, then they have to make decisions based upon what is good for the relationship.  What is true for them is also true for you.  If you marriage is going to survive, then you both must begin basing your decisions on what is good for the relationship above what is good for each of you alone.  

With divorce rates in this nation nearing the 50 percent mark, I see one major culprit:  unrealistic expectations.  We often expect that marriage, and surely our spouses, will rescue us from our feelings of isolation and loneliness.  Love will conquer all.  I can assure you that it will not.  Marriage is not a solution for loneliness.  Under the right circumstances, two can be a lonelier number than one.   

There are some things you can do to improve your marital odds.  First, and foremost, lower your expectations of what your marriage and your partner are going to do for you.  Healthy relationships are created by our participation in them.  They are not bestowed upon us through passive participation.  

By enacting decisions based upon what is good for the relationship, we help them to grow.  Your marriage should be treated as a living being under your care whose health is dependent upon your attention.  Your marriage is not there to be your servant.  That attitude will quickly drain the vibrancy of your love and leave you to wallow in your disappointment.  To have a successful marriage, we must become the loving servants of our marriage and by doing so, we will enjoy the all the gifts that a growing, healthy, and deeply loving relationship can bring.  

As lovers move forward in their relationships above all else, they would do well to lower what they expect out of their partner.  Instead, they might consider what they can contribute ahead of what they will receive.  By doing so, the magic of love is allowed to do its work in their lives.  
Frequently, couples wait too long before finding help so that little resentments and breakdowns in communication build into a crisis situation where things are said and done that can never be retracted.  

Seeking out a licensed Los Angeles Marriage and Family Therapist such as Dr. Walton can help couples learn to communicate more clearly in a way that they can truly hear and understand what their partner is communicating to them.  Doing so builds a stronger sense of trust and greater closeness and intimacy. 

Dr. Walton is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Sherman Oaks, CA who specializes in Couples Counseling.  He also sees individuals in his private psychotherapy practice. 

Many people want to improve their relationships and experience greater closeness but they have difficulty communicating.    

There is help available!  Dr. Walton specializes in helping couples communicate better and recapture the closeness that they desire.  

Dr. Walton has 20 years of experience helping people communicate better.  His therapy is designed to help you stop the anger, the attacking and the withdrawing and open up to a better way of being with your partner.

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The History of Marriage
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Recognizing the dramatic achievements made by his patients using hypnosis, Los Angeles counselor, James E. Walton, Ph.D. envisioned making his work available to a global audience.  The resulting 'labor of love' is the "Dr. Walton Series," an audio series which is a powerful tool to help people resolve conflicts, change behaviors and improve relationships.
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Dr. Walton's Ultimate Weight Loss album won for "Best Album of the Year" in self-help at the 2009 JPF Music Awards.  
Healing the Heart from a Break Up
By the late 1500’s, the idea of marriage based on love had taken hold in Europe inspiring Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  Marriage became decision made between the husband and  wife.  Shakespeare’s work explored the ecstasies of passion and the devastating consequences of fiery passion not balanced with a realistic perspective.  And what blinded his heroic lovers to the realistic perspective that could have saved their lives and marriage?  It was their unrealistic expectations.  
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He will guide you through releasing the blocks and limiting beliefs that have kept you bound to self-defeating patterns and motivate you to achieve the personal changes you've always wanted.

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Stress Relief and Deep Sleep
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Tension Relief
After Breaking UP: Healing the Heart & Finding Happiness
Resolve the hurt so you can move forward again and find happiness in your life. Healing the heart, mind and spirit as you awaken a new inner-strength for living and enjoying life after a break up.
Surviving the Wedding
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Anger Management
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Ultimate Weight Loss
From over 45,000 album entries around the world, Ultimate Weight Loss won "Best Self-Help Album of the Year" at the 2009 International JPF Music Awards, the world's largest independent music awards.
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Healing from Grief & Finding Peace in Your Life
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
About Dr. Jim
About Dr. Jim
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