• Proven Communication Skills that Build Trust 
• Create Greater Fondness & Admiration for Each Other
• Foster Deeper Commitment to The Relationship 
• Banish Criticism, Contempt and Defensiveness
• Develop Skills to Overcome Gridlock
•Resolve Sexual Frustration and Gain Better Sex
• Recover from Affairs and Build Greater Closeness
• Heal from a Divorce
• Resolve Arguments, Overcome Anger & Banish Jealousy
• Repair Emotional Wounds & Heal the Pain of Betrayal

Life Tools
• Overcome Depression - Yes You Can!
• Develop Skills to Thrive in Life and Work
• Discover Your Core Values for Clarity in Life Decisions
• Manage and Conquer Anger
• Improve Sleep & Learn What Your Dreams Have to Say
• Develop Confidence and Raise Self-esteem
• Change Frustrating Habits and Reverse Self-Sabotage
• Heal from a Breakup and Find Love
• Solve the Ache of Anxiety, Stress, Panic and Fear 
• Find The Power to Win More Friends
• Learn Methods to Gain Respect & Cooperation from Others 
• Overcome Grief

About Dr. Jim
Self-Help Tools
About Dr. Jim
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Counseling Therapy in Los Angeles.

Here's What Dr. Jim Has to Say:

I believe that it's the role of the therapist to be actively involved in the therapy room.  That is the best therapy.  I listen and reflect, but I also contribute insightful feedback, informative handouts, homework, behavior techniques to try at home, and direct responses to any questions you have. We're in this together. 

Clinical Member, California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
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Learn about the benefits of therapy and how to help a loved one.
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Individual & Couples 
Solutions Focused Counseling
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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Doctorate of Clinical Psychology
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
lic. MFC32040
Clinical Member, California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Individual, Couples & Marriage Counseling 
Los Angeles & The San Fernando Valley
"Progress is impossible without change: Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
George Bernard Shaw
Dr. Jim discusses the History of Marriage
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Dr. Jim discusses
ADD in Children & Adults
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Creating Solutions for Strong Lives, Loves and Families for Life
Dr. Jim discusses 3 ways to speak to a loved one about their weight
Dr. Jim takes a positive and evidence based approach to couples for the best therapy that breaks through communication blocks to build listening skills and intimacy that heals resentments and develops the closeness that leads to strong loving relationships.  
He's active in the therapy process with thoughtful, empathic listening giving you insightful feedback, growth oriented challenges, handouts, and instruction.  His main concern is you and your getting the most out of the therapy experience so, on this site, he offers free self-help audios and videos to get you started right away.  Check out his blog on  Come in for a FREE, no obligation, consultation where you can meet and discuss your needs in person.
Experience Better Relationships:  
Gain Life Tools for a Better Life: 
Experience Matters!
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This is a safe place to talk about things. An insight can make all the difference in gaining the best results for transforming your life.

Most people wait several years after problems emerge before seeking out counseling.  By the time they get into therapy and experience the powerful results therapy can provide, they wish they had done it sooner.   

Dr. Jim (MSNBC, Cosmopolitan) has over 25 years experience working with Solution Focused Therapy and getting life-changing results with individuals, couples and families.  Clients are excited to have their lives back and moving forward.  You can too!  His expertise includes: overcoming depression, anxiety, relationships, career issues, parenting and life transitions.
His approach is evidence based, allowing you to leave each session with new and valuable tools that you can apply to improving your life right away. 

His main concern is helping you get the most out of your therapy experience. He offers a free consultation to explore your goals and challenges to give you relief and direction so you can immediately feel hope by the end of the first session.
How Can You Gain Benefits Right Now?
Recognizing the dramatic achievements made by his patients using hypnosis, Los Angeles counselor, James E. Walton, Ph.D. envisioned making his work available to a global audience.  The resulting 'labor of love' is the "Dr. Walton Series," an audio series which is a powerful tool to help people resolve conflicts, change behaviors and improve relationships.
From over 45,000 album entries around the world, Ultimate Weight Loss won"Best Self-Help Album of the Year" at the 2009 International JPF Music Awards, the world's largest independent music awards.
12 Minutes from 
Beverly Hills and Hollywood
Available on iTunes, and CDbaby and many other on-line outlets
About Dr. Jim
About Dr. Jim
About Dr. Jim
Dr. Jim with Dr. Harville Hendrix discussing Imago Therapy
Dr. Jim with Dr. Albert Ellis discussing Anger Management and Cognitive Therapy
Dr. Jim with Dr. Ernest Rossi discussing brain physiology
Dr. Jim with Dr. Judith Beck discussing weight control
Dear Dr. Walton,

"I have found that all of the clients I have had listen to your CD have had a 50% - 70% immediate reduction in their anxiety symptoms. I have personally used your CD's for over 5 years and have found them so helpful I have bought more.  Clearly, I believe in the power of this technique.

I have listened to several 'free' self-hypnosis CD's opnline and had the clietnts I work with try to find free ones they liked, but it always turns out the same, they don't like the voice or the images as much, or it just doesn't seem to work as well."

Jill Hubble, MS/M.Ed
Headway Emotional Health Services Therapist
South St. Paul High School

As the host of KCSN 88.5 FM's "Shrink Rap," Dr. Jim hosted over 104 shows interviewing the great international leaders of mental health such as: 

Dr. Aaron Beck, 
Dr. Judith Beck, 
Dr. Harville Hendrix, 
Dr. Claudia Black, 
Dr. Albert Ellis, 
Dr. Harville Hendrix, 
Drs. John and Julie Gottman, 
Dr. Jeffery Zeig, 
Dr. Irving Yallom, 
Dr. Dan Seigel , 
Dr. Ernest Rossi, 
Dr. Ellen Batyerand 

and many others discussing with them the development of their techniques for more effective exploration processes, deeper insights and better coping strategies for living a more rewarding life.
Dr. Christine Padesky with Dr. Jim
Dr. Jeffery Zeig with Dr. Jim
Dr. Jim with Dr. Irving Yallom
discussing group therapy theory 
Dr. Jim on"Shrink Rap" KCSN 88.5 FM
Dr. Nicholas Cummings with Dr. Jim
Dr. Jim in Books
He has appeared on television, radio and magazines with his insights on personal development and relationships. His work has appeared in:Cosmopolitan Magazine, Thatz Entertainment, Bergen Health & Life, Fox Entertainment,,, The Greg Mantel Show, Lisa Gar's The Aware Show, XM's Alvin Jones Show, 2007 Oscar Night of the Stars, and Discovery Health's Berman & Berman Show among many others.
Dr. Jim with Drs John & Julie Gottman discussing couples therapy
Dr. Jim hosted the drive time radio show Shrink Rap on KCSN FM in Los Angeles which streamed worldwide and made LA Magazine's "Best Of" List. He interviewed and exchanged ideas with many of the great international leadersof mental health making their theories accessible to his listeners.
Together, you can:

• Relieve troubling symptoms & break old patterns
• Optimize/improve daily functioning
• Improve decision-making and life choices
• Improve relationships and communication
• Strengthen your self-image and self-esteem 
• Increase your ability to set goals and achieve them
• Change behaviors that interfere with your life
• Solve problems so you can get what you want out of life
I practice from the belief that if you're given an understanding of your issues from a psychological perspective and then given the tools and strategies to change your behaviors, it has a synergistic effect that more effectively creates the desired growth in your life.

I treat you as a whole and capable person with individual needs. I place importance on people above theories. Having a strong, trusting and supportive relationship in the therapy room means that we're both real people working together to help find you the answers that you're seeking. Together, we'll explore the creative use of your drives, enhance intimacy, explore your dreams and remove the blocks to get what you want out of life."
15 Minutes from 
Woodland Hills
About Dr. Jim