Dr. James E. Walton, PhD
Family Divorce Specialist
Doctorate of Clinical Psychology  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
 lic. MFC32040
The Dr. Walton Series

These are five of Dr. Walton's albums in his series that are most beneficial for people going through a divorce.  Dr. Walton has created an amazingly effective series of audio programs based on over 20 years of experience that is unlike any other on the market today.  His years of experience on the radio as host of Shrink Rap and frequent guest appearances on television have gone into making this audio series as entertaining as it is informative.

Dr. Jim specializes in helping people unlock their full potential to live happier, more satisfying and in control lives by combining cutting-edge psychotherapy techniques with the effectiveness of his award winning clinical hypnosis. 
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Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association LACFLA (Board of Directors)
Collaborative Professionals of California CPCAL
International Association of Collaborative Professionals IACP
Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley FDS  (President)
Pasadena Collaborative Divorce PCD
Peace Talks Mediation Services of Southern California - PTMSSC  Mediator
California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists - Clinical Member

He will guide you through releasing the blocks and limiting beliefs that have kept you bound to self-defeating patterns and motivate you to achieve the personal changes you've always wanted.

Here's what he has to say about this series: 

"Over 20 years of clinical experience has gone into the making of The Dr. Walton Self-Help Series.  Going back over two decades, I have pulled from my private practice those therapeutic interventions and hypnosis treatments that worked most effectively for my patients.  I now present them to you in the most comprehensive audio series on the market today. 

Experience has shown me that when people are given understanding about an issue from a psychological perspective and then given the tools and strategies to change their behaviors in combination with the immediate effectiveness of hypnosis it has a synergistic effect that can assist in achieving their results more quickly." 

How the albums work:

Dr. Jim's powerful hypnosis treatment creates a highly receptive alpha state that works together with the unconscious mind to help you experience a greater sense of your personal power and self-control.

If you program your unconscious mind to have a focused, supportive, positive outlook, you can reach any goal you aspire to.  Dr. Walton's award winning self-help series can help you achieve that focus and get faster results.

Dr. Jim was awarded "Best Album of the Year" in self-help from the prestigious JPF International Music Awards.  All of the quality and expertise that earned him that award is found in every one of his self-help albums.  Download one right now and gain the benefit today!

Featured PRODUCTS   
Feel at peace everywhere. Move beyond the limits of your world and let go of stress. Enjoy more energy, feel more alert, and regain control of your body & your life with this proven and unique relaxation process. Featured on Lisa Gar's "Aware Show."
Fall asleep quickly through hypnosis.  If you've been searching for a better night's sleep, then you'll find it here in this soothing and mind releasing album. Awaken in the morning feeling refreshed, vibrant and ready for a great day. Featured on KCSN's "Shrink Wrap."
Never lose your temper again.  If you've been searching for a way to release anger from your life, then you will find it in this inspirational album. You can gain control over your emotions and find healthier ways of expressing yourself. Share this with your family and friends. Featured on the "Greg Mantel Show."
Stress Relief and Deep Sleep
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Tension Relief
After Breaking UP: Healing the Heart & Finding Happiness
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Resolve the hurt so you can move forward again and find happiness in your life. Healing the heart, mind and spirit as you awaken a new inner-strength for living and enjoying life after a break up.
Anger Management
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
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About Dr. Jim
Grief is a necessary part of recovery from a loss. Grief can force us to reevaluate our life; but, sometimes we get lost and can’t find our way out. Gently and lovingly, this album lifts the spirit as it points the way towards a new beginning. 
Healing from Grief & Finding Peace in Your Life
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Dr. Jim explores the history of marriage
Who is best suited for a Collaborative/Mediation Divorce?

Anyone who wants to avoid the emotionally draining and costly experience of court litigation. Collaborative/Mediation considers each individual’s real life, personal situation, and actual expenses utilizing financial experts and mental health Divorce Specialists before creating final judgments.  
Couples who want to maintain a working co-parenting relationship with their former spouse for the benefit of the children.

Couples with adolescent children. Especially if their children are planning to attend college. The law does not require parents to pay for college expenses, however through the Collaborative/Mediation approach parents can agree to share expenses.

Couples with special needs children. The team considers every aspect of handling the complex demands of caring for the child. 

Couples who own a business together. Settlements are arraigned privately without panicking clients and/or investors while maintaining all aspects of the business from public court examination.  

Couples who want to keep their private lives and personal finances away from public scrutiny in the court system.  

Dr. Jim's advice, insights have been featured in:

Cosmopolitan Magazine
Mental Health Video Host of "WebiHealth.com"
"Words Can Change Your Brain" by Mark Waldman
MSNBC's 2007 "Oscar Night of the Stars"
Discovery Health's "Berman & Berman"
KCSN's "Shrink Rap"
Bergen Health & Life Magazine
"The Greg Mantel Show"
Thatz Entertainment
"The Alvin Jones Show" on XM
"The Aware Show" with Lisa Gar on KPFK
Amazon.com, iTunes and CDbaby
& JPF International Music Awards
The Peaceful Family Divorce Process
There is something you should know... Divorce is more than a 
legal issue; it is also an Emotional Health and Financial Issue

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How Do You Know if Divorce Is The Right Decision For you?

I also offer an evaluation process to help couples who are unsure if they want to get divorced or stay married called Decision Counseling.  

In a few sessions you are able to determine whether there is enough left in the marriage to work on it, or if it is now time to move forward with divorce.

What Do You Think The Advantages Would Be?

Amicable divorces are very rare indeed. Unpleasantness nearly always marks the process because it created the discord in the relationship in the first place. This method of divorce compels civility and communication due to the very nature of the process. Clients routinely say that they spoke more to their ex during the first session than they did during the last two years of their marriage.

Collaborative/Mediation gives each individual an opportunity to speak about his or her deep hurt. The courts have no interest in such exchanges. This can lead to a closure and healing experience that is not available in the adversarial litigation model. 

In any divorce, it’s important for the couple to realize that the courtroom is not a place for revenge or validation. Too many times, clients are looking for a judge, a lawyer for someone in authority to listen to their pain and tell them they are right.  

Call today for a free confidential consultation

Call today to set up a free office consultation for further information on a more peaceful divorce in Los Angeles.
Dear Dr. Walton,

"I have found that all of the clients I have had listen to your CD have had a 50% - 70% immediate reduction in their anxiety symptoms. I have personally used your CD's for over 5 years and have found them so helpful I have bought more.  Clearly, I believe in the power of this technique.

I have listened to several 'free' self-hypnosis CD's opnline and had the clietnts I work with try to find free ones they liked, but it always turns out the same, they don't like the voice or the images as much, or it just doesn't seem to work as well."

Jill Hubble, MS/M.Ed
Headway Emotional Health Services Therapist
South St. Paul High School

Member: Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association, CPCal & IACP
About Dr. Jim
Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Divorce
​Dr. Walton has been working with families in the Los Angeles area for the past 26 years.  Unregulated emotions during the divorce process create blocks to agreements that cost couples more money, time and complications than they expected.  As a team member, he assists divorcing couples out of emotional impasse toward agreement helping them work out differences during the course of their divorce saving them time and money and legal fees.
Collaborative Divorce
Stop the Fighting, Find Agreement 
and Divorce More Peacefully 

We Can Handle Everything
We Are With You Each Step of the Way

As a Family Divorce Specialist, who is a licensed Family Therapist with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and a masters in Marriage & Family Therapy, I bring unrivaled professionalism and expertise to assist you in your divorce. I can help you through the divorce healing stages.  You are not alone.  You have both Family Law Attorneys and Financial Planners assisting you throughout the entire process.

I specialize in helping couples through the divorce process improve their communication and help them find a way of separating their lives that benefits the entire family including the children. 

When you have an understanding of how to communicate more effectively during a divorce, and are given the tools and strategies to change communication, you can have a divorce with less injury and financial cost.  

You can divorce with the peace of mind knowing that you can preserve your family and bank account
The Collaborative/Mediation Approach is the right first step towards creating a more peaceful, and respectful divorce.  Our specially trained teams can handle everything from initiating the process to final judgement.  We are with you each step of the way.

Family Law Attorneys, Family Divorce Coach Specialists and Financial Specialists form highly trained and experienced teams to support you through the divorce process protecting your family, finances and emotional well-being.

The Collaborative/Mediation Approach to divorce minimizes the adversarial and blaming aspects of divorce that is frequently heightened by traditional adversarial litigation.  

We help you navigate the divorce process and achieve a legally binding divorce without threatening lawsuits or stepping foot inside a courtroom.

If you are parents, this process can ensure your children’s feelings and needs are taken into account.  A divorce is not the end of a family.  Your relationship will continue with each other as co-parents.  Maintaining a respectful relationship helps your children navigate this transition feeling protected and safe.  Through this process, parents are supported and learn to communicate with each other to ensure healthier co-parenting in the future.  

At Family Divorce SolutionsPasadena Collaborative Divorce, and Peace Talks, Family Law Attorneys, Trained Divorce Coach Specialists and Licensed Financials form teams to support couples through a proven, cost-effective, no court resolution.
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