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When it comes to weight loss, the problem is not losing weight, the problem is overcoming the emotional causes associated with weight gain and healing the unconscious patterns that sabotage your efforts.  I treat the emotional side behind weight gain to help you succeed at achieving the body you desire and I will support you in whatever method you choose for losing the weight.

I work to help you change your relationship to food by addressing the emotional processes underneath the urges and eating patterns that brought about the weight gain in the first place.  My program can help you change your eating patterns by eliminating the unconscious urges to eat the wrong foods while resolving the emotional processes underneath.
My unique integration of innovative weight loss counseling in Los Angeles and Clinical Hypnosis is designed to release you from the highly addictive eating patterns that have you in their grip.  My program teaches you how to handle the stress in your life without binge eating or resorting to self-destructive behaviors.
We work together to help you maintain your resolve for losing weight and maximize the benefits of your weight loss method while healing your attitude towards eating and improving your health. 
I work to help you change the thoughts, behaviors and attitudes that have prevented you from succeeding at losing weight into clarity, direction and motivation to achieve the body and health you've desired. 

We often use food as a way of soothing ourselves when we lack emotional satisfaction, or we use it to numb ourselves from feelings of loneliness and hurt.  I will explore and work with you to resolve and heal those issues to help you get to a healthier place where loneliness and hurt are handled more effectively and food is no longer necessary as a form of self-medication.
As you create a healthier relationship with food, you can fully enjoy the eating experience without guilt or shame.   You deserve a fulfilling and gratifying dining experience and can have it.
Food is not the enemy.  Eating is a wonderful, life sustaining experience to be fully enjoyed.  I treat the emotional side of weight loss, whether you have chosen bypass surgery or are working to lose weight through proper diet and exercise, I'll be there.  I'll support you in your individualized strategy for weight loss so that you can achieve an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship with your body that allows you to lose weight and feel good about yourself.

The weight loss technique is up to you and we can discuss all the weight loss avenues you want to explore.  My job is to work with you in regard to the type of treatment you chose to seek.  I'll be there to walk down the pathway with you.  You and I together and I'll support you emotionally at every turn.  

I, myself, struggled with weight well into my mid-adult years. I felt the personal frustration and lack of confidence that came with the dissatisfaction of my own body.  The tide of my struggle changed when I gave up fighting my body and began appreciating it for what it was doing for me.  Out of my own desperation, I developed a process for gaining the mental edge over the self-doubts and self-criticisms that held me back from achieving peace with my body.  My body was not my enemy.  It was only responding to the way I was treating it.  I leaned to love my body back to health. 

I lost all the weight through the simple process of understanding my unconscious processes and learning how to handle my emotions more effectively.  By continuing the process, I have kept the weight off and have grown to love and appreciate my body more than ever before, even as it ages.  Having honed the process on myself and I want to share it with others so that they, too, may gain the benefits I've enjoyed from falling back in love with my body and achieving a weight that feels comfortable and natural to me.

I found the use of hypnosis made my journey with weight loss much easier and I can make those very same treatments and techniques available to you if you choose.  I would be happy to go over all the options and possibilities with you.  

Get immediate help for losing weight
  • You will receive expert treatment for the emotional processes underlying the causes of your weight gain and you'll receive the emotional support so critical for your success at losing weight.  
  • Discover why so many others have tried to lose weight and failed... and how you can ensure your own victory.

  • Learn practical steps for coping with food at parties and dining out with others.
  • Discover the power of your subconscious mind - a key factor in breaking the binging habit.

  • Unlock 88% of your mind power to overcome food addiction.

  • Experience the empowerment of  easily, comfortably and naturally pushing food away when you are satisfied.
  • Learn how to fully enjoy food and eating without shame or guilt, and still lose weight. 

  • Fall back in love with your body regardless of its size or shape.


As a licensed Family Therapist in Los Angeles with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology who has been using hypnosis in my practice for over 20 years, I have borrowed from all three fields to achieve a very effective support program for helping people attain greater control over their eating and weight loss programs.
Experience has shown that when people have a realistic understanding of their challenges from a psychological perspective and are given the tools to deal with them in combination with the immediate effectiveness of hypnosis, it has a synergistic effect that can assist them in the achieving their weight loss goal more quickly and effectively.
My clients get the helpful tools they can use in their daily lives along with the immediate benefits of hypnosis resulting in faster, more effective results.
Call today to make your free Weight Loss consultation at my Sherman Oaks Location.

Losing weight can be easier than you think.  It's also covered by most insurance plans.
My LA weight loss process is simple, natural, safe and above all else, affordable!  Through the right emotional support, education and hypnosis you can comfortably and naturally, replace old eating patterns with healthier, more life affirming choices.  You have nothing to lose but unwanted weight and everything to gain from beginning a new life as a healthier you on the inside steps out into the world!

You will receive a free support CD at your first session to help you stay on course with your weigh loss!

About Dr. Walton

Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D. is gaining rave reviews.  His techniques, his strategies, his style, and his soothing voice combine to offer you and outstanding and effective experience.  In 2006, his hypnosis technique received an award from the JPF International Awards.
Through cognitive counseling and clinical hypnosis with Dr. Walton, you can begin to change the internal voice and drives that have held you helpless with food.  You will receive the tools you will need to live a fulfilling life free from binging and over eating.  These powerful tools can work for you immediately anytime and anyplace without anyone knowing.
There's no need to struggle with your weight alone.  You don't have to experience the constant, nagging food cravings or personal shame of failure.  Simply set a free consultation with Dr. Walton now and unlock the power within you to break free forever!
Weight Loss Hypnosis in Los Angeles
Weight Loss Hypnosis in Los Angeles
Call to set up a free office consultation

Call today to set up a free office consultation for more information on Diet & Weight Loss Counseling in Los Angeles.

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Clinical Member, California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
Putting on Weight... Taking Weight Off... Then Putting More Back On?
I treat the emotional process behind weight gain so you can lose the weight. I will help you change your relationship to food by addressing the emotional processes underneath the urges that sabotage your efforts.

By healing the unconscious patterns that sabotage your efforts, you will:

• Motivate to lose the weight
• Maximize your weight loss potential
• Turn off impulsive eating
• Stop eating when just satisfied

We often use food as a way of soothing ourselves when we lack emotional satisfaction, and we use it to numb ourselves from feelings of loneliness and hurt.

I will support you in your chosen method for losing weight and we will work together for lasting change.

It is time to heal your body, transform your eating habits and radiate a healthy lifestyle.

Psychotherapeutic support is important for maintaining
long-term health gains from weight loss.

The first office visit is free.
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Just one step forward can make all the difference
Clinical Member, California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Doctorate of Clinical Psychology
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
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A World of Change at Your Finger Tips
Recognizing the dramatic achievements made by his patients using hypnosis, Los Angeles counselor, James E. Walton, Ph.D. envisioned making his work available to a global audience.  The resulting 'labor of love' is the "Dr. Walton Series," an audio series which is a powerful tool to help people resolve conflicts, change behaviors and improve relationships.
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Dr. Jim receives the "Best Album" Award from Brian Whitney, founder and chairman of the JPF Independent Music Awards
Dr. Jim giving a speech at the 2009 JPF Awards after receiving 1st place for the Ultimate Weight Loss album
As a winner of a JPF Music Award, you're part of a special club and it never goes away.  Our awards in 2009 will likely stand for a long time as the largest music awards ever conducted in world history.  Because we are returning to a yearly structure, it's unlikely that the 2010 awards will be as large.  So you have a distinction that may well stand for quite some time.  To survive 17 months including 5 preliminary rounds of screening and then rise to the very top of the final nominees is really impressive.   We had entries from 163 countries and nominees from app. 100.  Only 80 songs out of 560,000 won an award and only 93 albums out of over 42,000 won an award.   That's still mind boggling to me.  You should be proud of the accomplishment knowing that there were no industry politics or insider deals or special treatment and it certainly wasn't just a popularity contest.  I've only met a handful of you in person before these awards.   You did this 100% on your own and based solely on your music moving people.  We had over 10,000 judges assigned in the final round alone.  

This is what Brian, founder of JPF, has to say about the JPF Award winners
Dr. Jim receiving the award in Nashville, TN
August 2009
Dr. Walton's Ultimate Weight Loss album won for "Best Album of the Year" in self-help at the 2009 JPF Music Awards.  
The Dr. Walton Series

If you’re ready to unlock the unlimited power of your mind, then Dr. Walton's Self-Help Series is the tool that can take you there.  Dr. Walton has created an amazingly effective series of audio programs based on over 20 years of experience that is unlike any other on the market today.  His years of experience on the radio as host of Shrink Rap and frequent guest appearances on television have gone into making this audio series as entertaining as it is informative.
Dr. Jim specializes in helping people unlock their full potential to live happier, more satisfying and in control lives by combining cutting-edge psychotherapy techniques with the effectiveness of his award winning clinical hypnosis. 
Call today to set up a free office consultation for further information on Individual and Couples Therapy in Los Angeles.
Clinical Member, California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
He will guide you through releasing the blocks and limiting beliefs that have kept you bound to self-defeating patterns and motivate you to achieve the personal changes you've always wanted.

Here's what he has to say about this series: 

"Over 20 years of clinical experience has gone into the making of The Dr. Walton Self-Help Series.  Going back over two decades, I have pulled from my private practice those therapeutic interventions and hypnosis treatments that worked most effectively for my patients.  I now present them to you in the most comprehensive audio series on the market today. 

Experience has shown me that when people are given understanding about an issue from a psychological perspective and then given the tools and strategies to change their behaviors in combination with the immediate effectiveness of hypnosis it has a synergistic effect that can assist in achieving their results more quickly." 

Dr. Jim's powerful hypnosis treatment creates a highly receptive alpha state that works together with the unconscious mind to help you experience a greater sense of your personal power and self-control.

If you program your unconscious mind to have a focused, supportive, positive outlook, you can reach any goal you aspire to.  Dr. Walton's award winning self-help series can help you achieve that focus and get faster results.

In 2006, Dr. Jim was awarded First Runner-Up for Best Album of the Year in self-help from the prestigious JPF International Music Awards.  All the quality and expertise that earned him that award is found in every one of his self-help albums.  Download one right now and start your new life today!

Stress Relief and Deep Sleep
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Feel at peace everywhere. Move beyond the limits of your world and let go of stress. Enjoy more energy, feel more alert, and regain control of your body & your life with this proven and unique relaxation process. Featured on Lisa Gar's "Aware Show."
Fall asleep quickly through hypnosis.  If you've been searching for a better night's sleep, then you'll find it here in this soothing and mind releasing album. Awaken in the morning feeling refreshed, vibrant and ready for a great day. Featured on KCSN's "Shrink Wrap."
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Tension Relief
After Breaking UP: Healing the Heart & Finding Happiness
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Surviving the Wedding
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Anger Management
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Never lose your temper again.  If you've been searching for a way to release anger from your life, then you will find it in this inspirational album. You can gain control over your emotions and find healthier ways of expressing yourself. Share this with your family and friends. Featured on the "Greg Mantel Show."
Stress Relief and Deep Sleep
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Tension Relief
After Breaking UP: Healing the Heart & Finding Happiness
Resolve the hurt so you can move forward again and find happiness in your life. Healing the heart, mind and spirit as you awaken a new inner-strength for living and enjoying life after a break up.
Surviving the Wedding
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, filled with effective insights to help the bride transition into married life. Lift the spirit and center her world for a lifetime of happiness. A wedding is an event; a marriage is for a lifetime. Be prepared for both.
Anger Management
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Stopping Smoking
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Never smoke again.  If you've been looking for a way to stop smoking now and enjoy more energy, greater focus, and regain control of your urges, then this proven, Award-Winning album is for you.
JPF Music Award Winner
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Ultimate Weight Loss
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Ultimate Weight Loss
From over 45,000 album entries around the world, Ultimate Weight Loss won "Best Self-Help Album of the Year" at the 2009 International JPF Music Awards, the world's largest independent music awards.
Jeff Tannen – Licensed CA Marriage & Family Therapist
Outstanding! Dr.Walton has made an ideal CD that effectively targets all the weight loss issues whether you want to lose a lot or little weight.

Charles Buell – Financial Consultant
This CD is an effective way to loose weight. It is not a one stop quick fix but something you have to review on a weekly or monthly basis to loose weight and keep it off. I lost about 10 pounds in a month (something I have been trying to do for years). When I notice those few pounds starting to come back, I just listed to the CD again. It really help me to be able to push myself away from the table without wishing for more food.

Jody Yordan – Music Producer
Thank you Dr. Walton for this amazing cd.Your methods and detailed meditation made this an easy way to conquer my compulsive eating habits and I cant thank you enough.This cd is amazing.I have lost 8 lbs in two weeks and I'm blown away.
Never over-eat or binge again with this #1 award winning album. You can lose the weight and have a healthier body.  It’s the only body you’ll ever have. Love it and respect it without judgment. Success at weight loss is not as much about reducing the body as it is about expanding the heart.  
Grief is a necessary part of recovery from a loss. Grief can force us to reevaluate our life; but, sometimes we get lost and can’t find our way out. Gently and lovingly, this album lifts the spirit as it points the way towards a new beginning. 
Healing from Grief & Finding Peace in Your Life
by Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
Rapid Results