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About Dr. Jim
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The goal of counseling is to:

•  Create a strong and lasting marriage
•  Relieve troubling symptoms & break old patterns
•  Optimize/improve daily functioning
•  Improve decision-making and life choices
•  Improve relationships and communication skills
•  Strengthen your self-image and self-esteem 
•  Increase your ability to set goals and achieve them
•  Change behaviors that interfere with your life
•  Solve problems so you can get what you want out of life
Clinical Member, California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
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Individual & Couples Counseling
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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
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lic. MFC32040
Dr. James E. Walton, Ph.D.
PreMarital Counseling 
Los Angeles & The Valley
Dr. Jim's your source for mental health tips, and  overall guide to wellbeing.  
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Dr. Jim discusses the History of Marriage
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Dr. Jim discusses
ADD in Children & Adults
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"A Wedding Takes An Afternoon
A Marriage Takes A Lifetime"
Be prepared for both!
Dr. Jim discusses 3 ways to speak to a loved one about their weight
Dr. Jim takes a positive and innovative approach to couples therapy that  breaks through communication blocks to build listening skills and intimacy that heals resentments and develops the closeness that leads to loving relationships.  He has appeared on television, radio and magazines with his insights on personal development and relationships. His work has appeared in:Cosmopolitan MagazineThatz EntertainmentBergen Health & LifeFox EntertainmentiVillage.comWebiHealth.comThe Greg Mantel Show, Lisa Gar's The Aware Show, XM's Alvin Jones Show2007 Oscar Night of the Stars, and Discovery Health's Berman & Berman Show among many others.

He also hosted the drive time radio show Shrink Rap on KCSN FM in Los Angeles which streamed worldwide and made LA Magazine's "Best Of" List.  He interviewed and exchanged ideas with many of the great international leaders of mental health making their theories accessible to his listeners and clients.
He's active in the therapy process with thoughtful, empathic listening giving you insightful feedback, growth oriented challenges, handouts, and instruction.  His main concern is you and your getting the most out of the therapy experience so, on this site, he offers free self-help audios and videos to get you started right away.  Check out his blog on TheLAtherapist.com.  Come in for a FREE, no obligation, consultation where you can meet and discuss your needs in person.
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PreMarital Counseling
• Resolve Money Issues
• Develop Skills To Cope with In-laws
• Resolve Issues with Difficult Relatives/Friends
• Successfully Blend Families
• Improve Communication Skills 
• Foster Deeper Love
• Learn How to Argue Constructively
• Recognize and Overcome Jealousy
• Get Past Wedding Conflicts
• Wedding Survival Strategies
• Get through the Bachelor Party
• Resolve Wedding Jitters & 
Fears of Walking Down the Aisle
Addressing issues sooner than later can make all the difference between feeling satisfied, loved and meaningfully connected or feeling out of control.

With divorce rates reaching close to 50%, getting relationship counseling before marriage has proven time and time again to be one of the greatest assets in creating a successful marriage that lasts.
A World of Change at Your Finger Tips
Recognizing the dramatic achievements made by his patients using hypnosis, Los Angeles counselor, James E. Walton, Ph.D. envisioned making his work available to a global audience.  The resulting 'labor of love' is the "Dr. Walton Series," an audio series which is a powerful tool to help people resolve conflicts, change behaviors and improve relationships.
From over 45,000 album entries around the world, Ultimate Weight Loss won"Best Self-Help Album of the Year" at the 2009 International JPF Music Awards, the world's largest independent music awards.
15 Minutes from 
Beverly Hills and West Hollywood

Available on iTunes, CDbaby and many other on-line outlets
About Dr. Jim
Dear Dr. Walton,

"I have found that all of the clients I have had listen to your CD have had a 50% - 70% immediate reduction in their anxiety symptoms. I have personally used your CD's for over 5 years and have found them so helpful I have bought more.  Clearly, I believe in the power of this technique.

I have listened to several 'free' self-hypnosis CD's online and had the clients I work with try to find free ones they liked, but it always turns out the same, they don't like the voice or the images as much, or it just doesn't seem to work as well."

Jill Hubble, MS/M.Ed
Headway Emotional Health Services Therapist
South St. Paul High School

Dr. Jim discusses 
The History of Marriage
Dr. Jim discusses
 Premarital Counseling
Part 1
Dr. Jim discusses
 Premarital Counseling
Part 2
Dr. Jim has over 20 years experience working with premarital counseling and getting great results with a wide range of issues.  Couples are thrilled to feel deepening love and moving forward.  You can too. His specialties include improving communication, settling arguments, overcoming jealousy, controlling anger, anxiety, parenting and life transitions.  
The pressure on brides to always be happy can be overwhelming. 
"What last name do I chose?"
Sadness about leaving single life
Handling meddling mothers & mothers-in-law-to-be
Resolving feelings about the death of a parent or parents' divorce
Cold feet and fears of commitment
On going jealousy about his/her past
"How can we keep this passion going?"
"What about our religious/cultural differences?"

Premarital Counseling is about giving you a better chance at having a successful marriage. 
Most people wait several years after problems emerge before seeking out counseling.  By the time they get into therapy and experience the powerful results therapy can provide, they wish they had done it sooner.   

Dr. Jim helps couples overcome the emotional turmoil of the wedding day.  He deals directly with the emotional side of getting married through communication strategies, psychological insights, and self-empowerment techniques.  

He treats the emotions of getting married from handling the in-laws to dealing with the bachelor party to letting go of jealousies over past relationships to overcoming the stress of walking down the aisle.  

Dr. Jim is a marriage and relationship specialist who has helped thousands of people overcome the inner emotional saboteur that holds the potential to ruin such a wonderful, joy filled day.  His work is so effective that his premarital advice has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine.
Not in LA?  
Order Surviving the Wedding 
It was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine!
For more information on the wedding process, ie. licenses, officiants, vows, log onto A Journey of Two Hearts
According to The Enrichment Journal on divorce rates

The divorce rate in America for first marriage is 41%
The divorce rate in America for second marriage is 60%
The divorce rate in America for third marriage is 73%

Premarital counseling can greatly improve your odds by learning how to get through difficult times before they arrive on your doorstep.  Sadly, by the time couples begin to think of getting help through counseling, it is often too late.  Planning ahead can save the most precious thing in your possession: your love for each other. 

For newlyweds, there are an average of 20 positive communications to 1 negative.  Over time, that number shifts downward to about 5 to 1.  Marriages get into trouble when that number shifts to 3 to 1 or even lower.  Premarital counseling can help you learn how to keep that number well above the 5 to 1 ratio.  The goal of premarital counseling is to keep your relationship on its high well after the marriage.  Together, we can chart a course for keeping and deepening the love you already feel for one another.  
Now that you have found each other, premarital counseling is about deepening your commitment to the relationship and building upon what you already have.