The Introvert: One who is energized by being alone

Your Personality Type:

--Selfless, calm and self-contained, you don't just appreciate a few tranquil moments to yourself - you relish them.  You love quietly musing over abstract concepts, then discussing them in intimate settings with one or two close friends.  With your keen awareness of all five senses, you are gifted at creating art that evokes those senses in others.  
--You are quiet and reserved. You  generally do not feel the desire to socialize in large groups of people, and you tend to avoid the limelight.  Being at the center of attention is not fun for you. In fact, it may even cause you anxiety.
--You are a thinker, an intellectual.  You have a well developed power of concentration.  You tend to do well in school because you enjoy reading and being on your own, but you may not do well when participating in group projects
--You are more concerned with the inner world of your mind. You have a rich inner world of observations about people.  This may make it hard for you to make attachments with others.  However, whereas the Performer may have a huge group of acquaintances and very few true, close friends, you are a good listener and will attach more weight and meaning to every conversation you have with another. Therefore, you will probably have one or two true, close friends.  You consider only deep relationships as friends.
--You tend to think about everything before you speak and act.  This allows you to make well-informed, logical decisions, but may also prevent you from living in the spur of the moment
--You appear calm and self-contained.  Being alone doesn't mean you're masking depression, but Introverts may tend to hold feelings of sadness longer than others
--You don't take things literally.  You read between the lines, inferring the meaning behind what people are saying.  But this may sometimes cause you to hear a slight that wasn't really there.  You are sensitive
--Your conservative in your thoughts and appearance.  You like order.

Jobs / Activities:

--Many artists are introverts.  Poets, writers, painters: they are gifted people who contribute much to the beauty of our world, yet they may have some buried emotional wounds 
--philosophers, scholars, professors, therapists (make good listeners)
--nurses (listen, want to help, don't want to lead); the worker bee in a busy studio
--You would enjoy going to an art museum, reading, spending time on the computer, reading a book, knitting, playing an instrument, having lunch in an intimate café with a friend

Suggested Wellbeing Treatment

--You would not like a fruity body scrub because that would be too messy.  But you would like a one-on-one treatment where something relaxing is done, then the attendant leaves and shuts the door.
--mud bath or algae/seaweed wrap (wrap you up, cozy, comforting, sense of being packed in, contained and protected)
--hot stone massage 
--You may also benefit from a group exercise class, where you can blend in and not be in the spotlight.  This is because you may have a weight issue which may prevent attention of others coming up to talk to you.  You may be hiding behind it.

The Inquisitor: One who searches out or inquires

Your Personality Type:  

--You're a person who is action-oriented and realistic.  You are compelled to understand exactly how and why things work, your' re unwilling to accept face-value explanations.  You want to get to the bottom of things and delve deeper than what is on the surface.  This may be because you don't immediately trust what you see or hear.  Instead, you use logic and analysis to delve beneath the surface of a problem and uncover a practical solution.  Structured and motivated, you are more of a peace maker than a born leader, seeking to avoid conflict and happy to follow a guide you trust. 
--You are interested in security and peaceful living.  You desire order within your home and personal life and may have excellent mechanical skills.  You are more capable than most to take things apart and reconstruct them meticulously and thoroughly.  You could be someone who works well with your hands.
--You need activity and you are motivated by keeping busy learning, doing, tasking, trying to understand the world and how it works.  But this may be because you are anxious about something and are attempting to control that anxiety with activity.

Jobs / Activities:

--You gravitate towards a job where your multitasking skills are best utilized.  
You work well under pressure. Your not a natural leader and prefer to follow an existing leader you can trust. Thus, you might be good as the executive assistant to a high-powered executive: can multitask, man phones, plan schedules, keep books, but not make high-powered spur of the moment decisions.  In this role, you’d be semi-autonomous, which you’d enjoy
--Because you like to work with your hands, you might enjoy outdoor work such as landscaping. This is an activity that requires meticulous record keeping and repetitive work season after season.  Plus, it allows you to avoid the potential conflict of working closely with people, which might cause you some anxiety.
--You might also like to be a toy or watch maker, a cobbler, a seamstress or tailor.  These jobs give you the satisfaction of working with your hands and completing a meticulous task, while also avoiding the limelight.
--You might also work as a veterinary assistant or volunteer at the local ASPCA or animal shelter.  Working with animals is a good way to avoid people conflict, and because you're not running these places no difficult decisions would be required of you.
--In your community, you might be the neighborhood watch person.  You want to maintain peace and order.  You wouldn't be the police officer enforcing that order, but you might be the one to whom other moms, dads and kids turn, and who would contact local law enforcement officials if need be.

Suggested Wellbeing Treatment

--You would like something soothing, like a hypnosis session or 1 hour of meditation.  This would help you relax and be peaceful.  Because your hyper-activity may be masking a deeper inner anxiety, hypnosis or meditation may allow you to start getting in touch with some of those emotions.
--You may also like a facial, which meticulously targets all trouble spots yet is very soothing, done in a room with soft lights and nice music 
--Ear candling to relieve pressure and restore balance in a holistic way may be another choice you would enjoy.

The Troubleshooter: One who seeks to repair

Your Personality Type:

--You place great value in harmony and cooperation.  Doing the right thing is not an abstract adage, but the mantra by which you live.  Generous, loyal and dependable, you often put the needs of others above your own, forgetting the share that compassion with yourself.
--You're a person who is dedicated to helping others, interested in serving humanity.  You may put the needs of others above your own, which may end up hurting you.
--You're interested in the world, in other cultures and have a broad world view.  You are especially interested in learning about societies where people are abused or their rights downtrodden.
--You are extremely perceptive of other's feelings
--You are respected for your perseverance in doing the right thing.
--You are a person who is a fixer.  Presented with a problem, you want to come up with a solution.  But often, this can make others feel like you're not compassionate. Instead of listening, you’ll offer advice and practical solutions
--You have a well-developed value system, with which you strive to live in accordance.
--You're a very loyal individual.
--You don’t delegate well; when it comes to fixing something, you want to do it all.

Jobs / Activities:

--Social workers, humanitarians, philanthropist, volunteers, environmentalists, social workers, those called to religious orders.
--Doctors are often troubleshooters, especially someone in Doctors Without Borders
--hobbies: volunteer, art work, working with kids, working with special needs individuals. 

Suggested Wellbeing Treatment:

--Reiki.  Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.
--nutritional health counseling.  You would appreciate this knowledge, as it might serve you in your quest to help others.  You’d want a treatment where you can also learn something useful and helpful.
--barefoot body work massage, usually done in Asia.  This would appeal to your interest in the world and other cultures
--You should have a massage or scrub, something that will pamper you for a change, but you’d want the products used to be organic and plant-based.

The Trailblazer: One who leads others

Your Personality Type:

--You are a born leader who makes decisive judgments that others gladly follow.  You have an exceptional work ethic, high performance standards and are unusually successful at surmounting even the most challenging of obstacles.  Organized, competent and driven, you have little patience for inefficiency.
--You are assertive and outspoken, driven to lead.
--You are independent and determined, sensible.
--You have an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of actions.  You can understand difficult. organizational problems and create real solutions.
--You are driven for perfection.  You have very high standards for your own performance, and the performance of others.
--You are competent and logical.
--You like it when things are in order.  This can often lead to obsessive compulsive behavior. 
--You feel more comfortable with predictability rather than change, and when presented with a new idea your first impulse may in fact be to reject or dismiss it.  After being convinced of its merit with hard proof you will, however, adopt that idea and do whatever it takes to make it happen.
--You need for things to be backed up tangibly in order for you to believe them.
--You have little patience with inefficiency and disorganization.
--You are not troubled by conflict.  Your goal is to get the job done in the best way.

Jobs / Activities

--senators, heads of state, presidents, leaders of large corporations, CEO's are all trailblazers.  They don't like taking orders from anyone.
--the CFO's of large organizations, Wall Street brokers, investors who are driven, like numbers and regularity, and feel comfortable leading large groups.
--You enjoy public speaking, lecturing, or giving organized public presentations.
--In terms of fashion, you gravitate towards power clothes: suits, sensible shoes.  Your body must match your appearance.

Suggested Wellbeing Treatment

--a powerful deep-tissue massage or a body scrub from a mobile massage unit.  This allows you to control where and when the treatment happens—you are leading the process. 
--Botox, laser hair removal, eyelid surgery, spider vein removal.  These are efficient treatments with immediate, tangible results. When you see something you don't like in your body, you immediately take control and find a solution. 
--endermologie (treatment that reduces appearance of cellulite).  This is another sensible treatment.
--kickboxing or martial arts at a gym, so that you can feel in control and stronger than others when in a group.

The Performer: One who is social and outgoing

Your Personality Type:

--You are a person who is people-oriented and fun-loving.  You are energetic and highly motivated to socialize, you relish both bathing in the limelight and stimulating other senses to inspire joy.  Life would be grand if it was one continual party, with you as its gregarious host.
--You have a huge social network of peers and you enjoy being seen by the world.

--You are popular, enthusiastic, gregarious, confident and excited by new ideas.
--You are communicative and can make others laugh or have a good time by being around you.  People love to be in your presence.  But you may also be insensitive to others and you doesn't always make a great listener.  You hear things very literally, and takes things literally.
--because you love being at the center of attention or with peers, you may have a hard time studying or reading alone, and may therefore suffer in school
--You're a risk taker who lives in the moment, loves exciting fast-paced lifestyle, but because you can tend to get impatient with long explanations and may act on the spur of the moment, some of your decisions aren't  always well thought out
--You relishes change and variety.

Jobs / Activities:

--Trial attorneys, actors, actresses, dancers, musicians and socialites all fall into this category.  They thrive in the limelight. They are creative people, but creative on a social level. They love to draw attention to themselves, and people respond warmly to them.
--You are a person loves to go to parties and clubs.  A great night out for you may be going dancing with a big group of people, among whom you can be the center of attention.

Suggested Wellbeing Treatment:

--You would love to be pampered.  You may like to get your hair done in a bold, funky new style that sets a trend and draws attention to your head; like a lion with its mane.  You might enjoy going out with your friends or buying a new tailored suit or some flashy cloths.
--You would also love to get your nails done.  Bright colors and beautiful hands will further draw attention to your body; flashing hands while dancing.
--You might also enjoy a makeup makeover.

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Dr. Jim receving the award in Nashville, TN
August 2009
Dr. Walton's Ultimate Weight Loss album won for "Best Album of the Year" in self-help at the 2009 JPF Music Awards.  
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